A DOG'S LIFE believes that all dogs deserve the best that life can offer. All dogs require more than food and water everyday. They need a loving, fun and safe environment filled with fun, furry friends and passionate, loving playgroup leaders. It is our mission to provide the highest level of services, love and support to dogs and their human families all at one location.

We believe that taking the time to get to know each and every dog as our own, investing in our employees, continuously improving our day-to-day operations, and providing mental and physical stimulation and learning for your dogs is most important to our clients and their pups. 
A DOG'S LIFE puts all employees and canine members through a rigorous prescreening process(including corporate background checks) to ensure that your dog is in a safe and loving environment. We are extremely vigilant in understanding each dog's individual personality, needs and behaviors, partnering parents as a team to ensure their dog is having the time of their lives. 
At A DOG'S LIFE, our spacious indoor/outdoor facility is designed to serve as a second home for our canine members. The facility includes dedicated play areas for dogs of all sizes and soft flooring to provide cushioned support while playing, no crating dogs to accomodate more pups and stimilus, stimulus, stimulus. Our belief is that the passion and love of our staff must be coupled with outstanding service to our clients. We adhere to the highest standards, consistent and safe protocols to ensure the best care possible.

In 2003, my wife, Theresa and I rescued a cute white fluffy shelter dog and named him Kimo. We didn't know then, we were the ones who were actually rescued. The love, happiness and joy that Kimo added to our lives was infinite. We wanted to Kimo to have a full and active life while we disappeared to our 12 hour plus days to work so we entered him into a new concept at the time, doggie daycare. He simply flourished. When his daycare unexpectedly closed and having experienced the entire range of services of training, grooming, daycare, boarding, I decided to take matters into my own hands and pause my career to open A DOG'S LIFE. My intent was to create a canine resource center for Silicon Valley dog owners, who are so busy with work and LIFE but desperately need a trusted partner to provide the best of breed care for their furry companion. 
I put together a business plan and started recruiting a team. Fortunately for me, wise dog trainers warned me not enter the business based on my passion and experience as dog owner but recommended I become a dog trainer and develop a deep knowledge that would help me and my clients in the future. I researched the best programs in the country and fortunately, one of the best programs was on our backyard. I applied and was accepted into the San Francisco SPCA's Academy for Dog Trainers, a 24/7 immersion program that combined classroom and practical canine behaviorial training via positive reinforcement. The program consisted of 10 students from around the world working with renown dog behavioralists, attending class while fostering, training and developing/applying behavior modification protocols to SF SPCA canine residents.  This experience only increased my passion and commitment. 
A DOG'S LIFE'S operations have incorporated advice given from the Academy's Director,  best selling author and world-renowned dog behaviorist, Jean Donaldson, who reviewed and provided input to our day to day business operations, ensuring that the finest practices were established from our first day over 14 years ago. 

We have set the standard for daycare by making your dog's physical, social and mental well-being and stimulation our top priority. Our goal is simple: to provide the safest and most loving care for you and your canine companion. Our comprehensive programs were designed to help you for the life of your dog. In 2009, the Humane Society of Silicon Valley opened their new facility in Milpitas. After an extensive selection process, ADL was selected the partner to design and manage all four canine care categories: daycare, boarding, training and grooming services.  


  • We are a convenient, one-stop-shop for “best of breed” services including daycare, boarding, grooming and training, each of which incorporate ADL’s strict positive reinforcement philosophy.
  • We emphasize both physical and mental stimulation. We teach and reinforce basic commands such as sit, down, wait, name recognition and recall to all of your dogs on an ongoing basis.
  • Don’t be surprised if your pup comes home with a new trick under his or her collar like spin, shake or play dead!
  • We give honest feedback on how your dog did during the day. We partner with parents in regards to their pups behavior and health. 
  • We keep extensive notes on your dog’s activities at daycare including attendance, baseline behaviors, and play styles. We track these observations to be sure that each dog continues to have positive experiences at A DOG'S LIFE
  • Passionate, knowledgeable and caring staff all receive extensive on-going personalized training.
  • We use only positive reinforcement methods to work with your dogs, and incorporate the use of food, toys, play and attention as rewards for good behavior. We teach pups to make good decisions not threaten them to not make bad decisions. 
  • Our staff takes the time to get to know each of the dogs in our care. We're your dog's family away from home!
  • Dogs are supervised in playgroups 100% of the time. (No cellphones or other distractions)
  • Dogs are grouped by size and temperament to ensure the right playgroup for each dog!
  • We keep our ratios small (one Playgroup Leader to every 15-17 dogs) in order to provide your dog with plenty of personal attention and friends to play with! (1 Playgroup Leader to 35-40+ dogs is not uncommon in this market)
  • All dogs that join us are evaluated on an on-going basis to ensure daycare is contributing positive aspects to their lives. 
  • Dogs have access to resources, toys,balls, bones and treats to play with during the day. 
  • No crating of dogs to accomodate more dogs and boost profit margins.
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Webcams - http://adogslife.dyndns.org:93                User Name: guest        Password: woof
  • All indoor areas have special rubber flooring similar to  to reduce stress on joints
  • Comfy cots are always available in our play areas for any dogs who want to take a break up off the floor
  • Play structures and kiddie pools 

Meet the Team

  1. Keith -Founder
    Managing Director
    ADL really is a Labor of Love for Keith. Not only did he want to develop the best place possible for clients to take their pups, but he also was very focused on creating jobs and careers for aspiring and passionate dog lovers. Keith's philosophy is A DOG'S LIFE should not be how he makes a living but a self-sustaining business giving back to his staff, clients and the community.
  2. Tara - Senior Groomer
    Managing Director
    Born and raised in San Jose, Tara has always loved animals. She joined ADL in 2010, in early 2012, Tara received her Professional Grooming Certificate through Animal Behavior College (course work + 100+ hours of hands-on training) while pursuing a graphic arts degree, She has had several grooming positions, but says the ADL clients and pets are the best. Her favorite part of working at ADL is how dedicated the staff is to working with each dog, making sure they are active, learning, safe, and comfortable.
  3. Ashley - Assistant Manager
    Managing Director
    Ashley was born & raised in San Jose. She has always had pets and found her passion for dogs after working for ADL back in 2012. She wants to go back to school to continue her degree in marine biology. She isn’t able to have a pup of her own yet, she is waiting for perfect moment to have her forever pup(s). One of her favorite aspects of ADL is building bond with the pups & especially the clients! Ashley has always wanted a job that she looked forward to everyday. "At ADL, I found just that!"
  4. Tanya - Lead Lobby Host
    Managing Director
    Tanya was born in Michigan. When she was 3 her whole family (including their pups Bambi & Sam) moved west. Tanya worked as an Executive Assistant & the as an HR Specialist while attending evening classes to complete her BA from SJSU. After years in corporate, Tanya realized the stress was not healthy , she began volunteering at HSSV. Fortuitously, her canine nephew was at ADL & after seeing the love, care & positive reinforcement at ADL, she applied. Her love of dogs knows no bounds.
  1. Ryan - Canine Operations Lead
    Managing Director
    Ryan was born in San Francisco, lives with her family in Sunnyvale including 3 dogs, 4 frogs, 1 snake & 1 cat. In the past, Ryan has volunteered with multiple dog shelters. Ryan attends West Valley college & has received awards from West Valley for speeches & presentations based on shelters, dog abuse, puppy mills, breeders & overall dog awareness. “The great thing about ADL is that there is always something new to learn, each staff member has unique experience & history with animals. Sometimes, the best teachers are the dogs themselves.”
  2. Deetje - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Deetje, born and raised in the Bay, has been an animal lover forever. She has owned basically a zoo anywhere from snakes to bunnies to dogs, totaling about 30 pets throughout her life. Now she lives at home with her 2 cats, and one Jack Russel -Chihuahua rescue, Brody. She is currently studying online with Animal Behavior College to earn her Dog Training Certification, to one day help more dogs get adopted. She says, “I’ve finally found the job that I don’t feel like I’m working. I’m just happy to be here.”
  3. Arden - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Born and raised in Mountain View, Arden has been fascinated with animals - particularly dogs - for as long as she could remember. After completing her B.A. in Psychology at UC Riverside, she is working towards going to law school, but in the meantime, wanted to put both her behavioral psych knowledge and her love for pups to use. ADL was the perfect fit, and she loves all the furry friends she's made while here. Arden's obsessed with Rat Terriers and Cattle Dogs (thanks to her dog Mochi) and she gives the best scratches, as many dogs can attest to.
  4. Melissa - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Melissa was born in Santa Clara, but grew up mostly in Virginia. She moved back here to attend SJSU, and worked part time at a doggy daycare while earning her B.A in political science. After completing an internship in Sacramento, she decided to go back to her bigger passion of working with dogs. Over the years she’s volunteered with different animal shelters, and also done citizen lobbying with animal welfare organizations. In the future she would like to become a hospice mom to older dogs.
  1. Rachael - Senior Playgroup Leader/Lobby Host
    Managing Director
    Rachael was born in Reno, Nevada but raised on a dairy farm near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She joined the Army right after high school and completed eight years of service with two deployments. Rachel is now working to complete my bachelor's in Psychology at Stanford University. Throughout the years moving around the country and spending time overseas, animals have always remained a priority for me. Whether it was working on the farm, hanging with the military working dogs, volunteering at animal shelters, or loving on her own pets- she has always spent as much time with animals as possible... especially dogs.
  2. Anne - Senior Groomer
    Managing Director
    Coming Soon, currently too busy beautifying your pups!
  3. Elly - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Elly was born and raised in Santa Clara. She is currently taking classes at West Valley College working towards a career in child psychology. She grew up with a golden retriever named Samson, who is now 13 years old. She’s had a special love for dogs ever since she was a little girl, and spent lots of her middle school and high school years volunteering at local animal shelters. After working in retail and restaurant jobs, ADL is the first job she’s truly enjoyed and says she’s lucky to have a job that doesn’t even feel like work.
  4. Chris - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Busy in training, making new friends in the Playgroup!
  5. Arden - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Coming Soon, currently too busy managing a playgroup!
  1. Sam - Playgroup Leader
    Managing Director
    Busy in training, making new friends in the Playgroup!
  2. Shannon - Playgroup Leader in Training
    Managing Director
    "Shannon was born and raised in the Bay Area. She’s currently attending Foothill College and working towards a degree in Wildlife Biology. Animals have always been a constant presence in her life, and being able to work with them is an endlessly rewarding experience. When she’s not playing with her own dog at home, she enjoys hiking and tidepooling."
  3. Dennys - Playgroup Leader In Training
    Managing Director
    Dennys was born and raised in Santa Clara. He is currently attending Mission College in pursuit of a transfer degree in mathematics. He has worked with dogs as a career for a little over a year but been around dogs all his life. He is a reliable worker by applying himself to all situations and creating a friendly environment. Dennys goes beyond the call to action by spending his time searching for ways of improvement. ADL has been a great place to grow attune to the needs of others.
  4. Christine - Playgroup Leader in Training
    Managing Director
    Busy in training, making new friends in the Playgroup!
  1. Nayeli - Playgroup Leader in Training
    Managing Director
    Busy in training, making new friends in the Playgroup!
  2. Henry Doodle - Video Cameras/Technology
    Managing Director
    Henry was exposed to technology an early age when he was adopted at six months old. He has evidently blossomed as a canine technology prodigy and claims to be responsible for the new video camera system at A DOG'S LIFE. DISCLAIMER: All technical difficulties are Keith's fault