Owner, CTC

Keith is a Mountain View, California native. He spent many weekends and summer days playing at his grandparents' farm in Palo Alto, formerly located across the street from Ming's Restaurant. He always grew up with dogs, and like many children, begged and pleaded with his parents to get a puppy. Keith feels fortunate to always have had a dog in his life. He even adopted an American Eskimo puppy, "Mo" during his semester break in college so he could have a dog with him all the time.

After finishing his college degree, he worked in the Valley for over 17 years in both the biotech and hi tech industries, in sales and recruiting. Keith's life changed when his dog, "Kimo" a rescue from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley started attending doggie daycare. He got to see first hand what a positive impact supervised dog-dog socialization, exercise and mental stimulation had on him. Keith would often find himself reflecting on a wonderful service doggie daycare is to both humans and their canine companions.

After much reflection, he took a hiatus from hi tech and entered Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers. Keith worked with Jean, learning about dog behavior and training with the goal to develop the most comprehensive doggie daycare in the industry. After completing his Certificate in Canine Training and Counseling, he opened "A DOG'S LIFE, Owner Resource Center and Dog Spa" in April of 2004. "I am very proud of our incredible staff, and I am blessed with wonderful clients. Our unique approach focuses on an outstanding experience for all of our clients. We view our two and four legged clients as family."

ADL really is a Labor of Love for Keith. Not only did he want to develop the best place possible for client to take their pooches, but he also was very focused on creating jobs and careers for aspiring and passionate dog lovers. Keith's philosophy is A DOG'S LIFE should be a self sustaining business giving back to his staff, clients and the community. This goal was achieved in 2005, after 1 year of operations. Keith does not believe that he should be making a living from A DOG'S LIFE, thus he has a career outside of ADL. However, Keith stays involved on a daily basis with coaching and directing the management team to help make sure that A DOG'S LIFE continues to be the premier place for dogs and their people.




Playgroup Leader

Hello my name is Adrian and I have been working with dogs in daycare for the past 10 years. My passion for dogs started when my sister got her first dog named Stitch. We both bonded really fast and I was able to teach him tricks quickly. I enjoy hikes on the weekends through trails in the saratoga hills and also love going ot the movies. I studied Film at The Art Instiute Sunnyvale-California and got my Bachelor of Science degree in Film and Video Production. Film has always been my number 1 passion in life and it's something I've been working to make a full career out of.






Playgroup Leader






Playgroup Leader






Playgroup Leader

Tanya was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, then when she was three her whole family (which of course included their adorable cocker spaniel Bambi, and sweet Sam, a shepherd mix) moved west, and she spent the rest of her childhood in Washington State. When she was 18, Tanya received a racquetball scholarship to Sacramento State so she packed up her little car and moved down to sunny California, where she ended up relocating to the bay area to attend San Jose State. Tanya worked full time as an Executive Assistant and the as an HR Specialist while attending evening classes to complete her Bachelors degree in Communication Studies from SJSU. After many years in the corporate world, Tanya realized the stress of the day to day corporate life was not healthy for her, so she began volunteering at Humane Society Silicon Valley, while diligently searching for a way to work with dogs. Fortuitously, her canine nephew, Mojo, was a client at A Dog's Life at that time, and after seeing the love, care and positive reinforcement that ADL employees have for all of the dogs, she applied for a position as a Playgroup Leader, and the rest is history. Tanya has been with us for almost three years now, and has been our Lobby Host as well as a Playgroup Leader for the last year and a half. Her love of dogs knows no bounds, and she appreciates the personal relationships she's developed with her co-workers and human clients as well. They're pawsome!






Playgroup Leader

Bree was born and raised in San Jose and moved to Sunnyvale 2 years ago. She has always had a passion for animals and grew up with cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, rats, and mice. But she discovered her true love for dogs after her first job at A DOG'S LIFE Sunnyvale back in April 2014. After the Sunnyvale branch closed down, she went to work for Pet Food Express in Mountain View but she still loves to come work with the pups here in Palo Alto whenever possible! She eventually plans to go back to school to study to become a holistic veterinarian, but for now is just learning new things everyday at both jobs, from pet food to animal body language to pet health and more! Some of her passions outside of work include music events, longboarding, going to the beach, and spending time with her fur babies Finn (bengal mix kitty), Red (papillon/jack russel/chihuahua mix), and Ace (lab/boxer mix).






Playgroup Leader






Playgroup Leader






Playgroup Leader

Hi my name is Maria. I had many family pets growing up, but didn't think about working with animals until college. I finished my degree in Animal Science at UC Davis. At my time there I worked with cows, pigs, goats, fish, jellyfish, mice, dogs, and cats. I also have worked with birds and reptiles at a wildlife rescue. I love learning about different species and how they interact and impact our world. When I'm at A Dog's Life I absolutely enjoy learning about each individual dog. There is something new to learn everyday. Outside of work I like to read, hike, and spoil my dog Brutus.






Playgroup Leader

Molly is from Sunnyvale and studied Zoology and Animal Sciences at Washington State University (WSU). Before coming to ADL, Molly worked at the Humane Society Silicon Valley as a camp counselor. She loved working with the human kids, but her true passion has always been working handson with the animals. While at WSU, Molly volunteered at horse rescues and did research with frogs and lab rats. Molly loves all animals but her favorite has always been dogs. She loves working at ADL and on the weekends misses the crazy "kids." She also loves working with staff members she thinks of as friends.

With a Zoology degree people always ask Molly if she wants to become a vet. Medicine has never interested her and when they ask her what career aspirations she does have, she's always said "I just want to play with puppies." At ADL that's what she gets to do.

Aside from puppies, Molly has a film club at WSU. In the last two years, Molly has traveled about to Israel, Tanzania, and Ireland. She saw some amazing animals in Tanzania studying wildlife management. Her family also has season tickets to the San Jose Earthquakes. Go Quakes! Molly grew up with cats and black Lab mixes and currently has two cats (Mac and Stella) and two dogs at home. The older dog is a 14 year old Basset hound/pit bull/Lab mix named Mickey (if you're having trouble picturing him, he's a big dog on little legs). The newest member of her family is Maya, a 6 year old Lab mix who loves to play ball.






Playgroup Leader

Ryan was born in San Francisco and currently lives in Sunnyvale with her humongous family. She grew up with 3 sisters and later on, an additional step sister and two step brothers adding up to a grand total of 6 siblings (and one new nephew!). Her family has always been animal obsessed. Ryan has never lived life without at least one dog. At the moment her family includes 3 dogs, 4 frogs, 1 snake, and 1 cat, but that number is forever changing and expanding. In the past, her family has also housed birds, rats, hamsters, fish, rabbits, and turtles to name a few.

Like most of the other ADL members, Ryan has volunteered with multiple dog shelters including Humane Society Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County Animal Services Scotts Valley. When she is not at ADL, Ryan attends West Valley college, and when she is not doing homework she is playing frisbee with Cleo (Aussie), running with Mjolnir (Pitty) or keeping Boogie (Terrier) out of trouble. West Valley has awarded Ryan with two Communication Awards on speeches and presentations based on shelter, dog abuse, puppy mills, breeders, and overall dog awareness. "The great thing about A Dog's Life is that there is always something new to learn. Each staff member has unique experience and history with animals. Sometimes, the best teachers are the dogs themselves."






ABC Certified Professional Groomer, CPCT

Born and raised in San Jose, Tara has always loved animals. She joined the A DOG'S LIFE team in 2010 as a Playgroup Leader. In early 2012, Tara received her Professional Grooming Certificate through Animal Behavior College after extensive course work and over 100 hours of hands-on training with an ABC-approved professional groomer. She transferred to Palo Alto as our groomer in early 2013. While continuing with school to pursue a graphic arts degree, she enjoys being a part of the A DOG'S LIFE team. She has worked several grooming positions, but says the clients and their pets in Palo Alto have been the best she's worked with by far. Her favorite part of working at A DOG'S LIFE is how dedicated every staff member is to working with each dog, making sure they are active, learning, safe, and comfortable. She also likes getting to know each dog individually and to see them progress.

Outside of work Tara, enjoys painting, drawing, and the company of her dogs, Sasha the Chow and Roxy the Pug. She loves to give Sasha different hair styles and experiment with creative grooming. Tara believes that every dog deserves to look and feel their best, and loves to find a way to make each dog's grooming experience a success!

Tara is a Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

August 2010