"I started bringing my dog, Sam, to A DOG'S LIFE when he was 4 months old to puppy socials on Sunday morning. It was a great way to begin his socialization. At 7 months old, he began coming to daycare 3 days a week. From the beginning, Sam loved coming to A DOG'S LIFE. Sam is now 3 years old and on the days he goes to daycare, he starts to get excited about a mile away from the facility. We are always greeted kindly by ADL staff. At A DOG'S LIFE, Sam has become very socialized with all different kinds of dogs. He's also learned many tricks from the playgroup leaders. I have also boarded Sam at A DOG'S LIFE when my dog sitter has not been able to take care of him. When I leave him there, I know he is safe and is being well taken care of. I would highly recommend A DOG'S LIFE to anyone."
- Carole Shebanek with Sam

"I want to say that you guys are just amazing. You have created a wonderful business that is adding great value to so many people's lives (mine particularly). Thank you so much for your passion, integrity and dedication."
- Maureen Simmons with Jackie

“My dog, Lucca has been going to A DOG'S LIFE for basically her *entire* life. Our first puppy class was when she was just barely 8 weeks old. We continued with puppy socials, additional puppy classes and Hounds on the Town. Lucca goes to daycare twice a week and is boarded almost once a month! On top of it all she gets her nails trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

From the daycare to the boarding to everything else - I COMPLETELY trust the A DOG'S LIFE staff. For the past 3 years they've been thorough, responsible, knowledgeable, friendly and perhaps the most important aspect: they LOVE the dogs they care for each day. Whether we're going to Sunnyvale or Palo Alto - Lucca can't get out of the car fast enough to go see her (human and canine) friends at both locations. She comes home exhausted each evening and sleeps for basically days afterwards! When I go to work or leave town, I occasionally worry about Lucca and how she's doing at home by herself. But once I drop her off at A DOG'S LIFE, I barely think about her because I know she's having the time of her life and being loved at the same time. A DOG'S LIFE is a godsend and it must be mentioned that their prices are as well!

If ever I ponder moving out the area, one of the few things that slows me is A DOG'S LIFE and the thought that I'd never be able to find another place I like as well as them. But for now, we've no plans to go anywhere and Lucca is incredibly thankful for this! Thank you, A DOG'S LIFE!!”
- Lisa S. with Lucca


"We are so pleased with A Dog's Life! Our 1 year old black lab has been coming to ADL for about 10 months. Living in an apartment, we really value having a place he can go a couple of days per week to play with other dogs and have a little off the leash time to get his energy out. He has made great friends there and can't wait to get in the car and go when we tell him it's time for A DOG'S LIFE! The workers there are excellent, always giving a report of how our dog was and who he played with each day. They are also very observant and great at alerting us to anything they see going on with our dog that we might need to know about. Recently we had a baby and ADL was excellent about working with us regarding boarding that was going to be somewhat unplanned. We felt so secure and at peace knowing our dog was being cared for by the same people he was familiar with seeing on a weekly basis. They loved on him and helped him feel at ease with our absence. I would highly recommend ADL for your daycare and boarding needs!"
- Leigh Ann and Travis Ellet with Newton

"My name is Molly Anne Malolly. I am a five-pound Toy Poodle. My mom didn't want to leave me all alone at home every day, so she takes me to daycare at A DOG'S LIFE. I just love going there! Every morning on my way to A DOG'S LIFE, I start getting excited about two blocks before we get there. By the time we pull into their driveway, I just can't wait to get out of the car and run to the door! I run up to the door with my little tail wagging furiously, sit at the door (something I learned how to do at A DOG'S LIFE), and when the door opens, I dash in as fast as I can! I just love seeing all my friends at A DOG'S LIFE, both humans and dogs. We have fun play groups with human leaders, and I have my special little friends in the small dog section to play with all day long. I just adore going to A DOG'S LIFE! So if you have a little dog, or even a big dog, you should definitely bring her to A DOG'S LIFE! I will play with her. They make everybody feel happy here!"
- Carolyn Garnaas with Molly

"My wife and I have been taking our little guy "Regal Beagle" to A DOG’S LIFE Sunnyvale since September 2005. Regal is a frequent visitor of both Daycare and Boarding and boy does he love it there. It is definitely a win-win situation for us. Regal enjoys the dog socialization and the human attention he gets from all the staff. We love the fact that Regal burns off so much energy making him a very mild mannered pooch when he comes home at the end of the day. We also know that when we leave Regal at A DOG’S LIFE that he is in a safe environment where he is well supervised and will be treated with care by a very professional team of staff that is passionate about their jobs. We cannot say enough about the staff; they truly love what they do and care very much about each of their canine clients. Regal has evolved into such a wonderful companion and we know that much of this has to do with the time spent at A DOG’S LIFE."
- Kevin Bickelmann with Regal Beagle



"A DOG’S LIFE Staff has always done a superb job in taking care of Walnut. The best compliment I can give is the A DOG’S LIFE slumber party is like home away from home. They are thorough with providing details of the slumber party, who Walnut played with and if there were any concerns. I trust only ADL Staff to care for my precious Walnut!"
- Trudy and Glenn Cole with Walnut

"I've noticed a huge change in Lady Bug since she's been attending 'A DOG’S LIFE' for just over one year. She's more playful, mostly more obedient, and definitely exhausted when she gets home. The best thing for me has been the slumber parties. Since I don't have family living near, and my friends are mostly 'cat people', it would be almost impossible for me to travel without this service. Lady Bug has been fortunate to have stayed with 3 very nice families on 4 occasions and has enjoyed every time. She comes home to me stress free and I can enjoy my time away without worrying about what's going on with her. (She maybe could pretend like she missed me a little when I get back, though). I loved receiving the notes about what she did over the weekend, and appreciate the effort taken to duplicate her normal daily routine when possible - even getting to sleep on the bed! Thank you all for your care and attention during normal Daycare, but especially during the times that you've welcomed her into your homes as one of your family."
- Marcia Cecconi with Lady Bug


"I am a huge fan of the grooming at A DOG'S LIFE - so much so, that I'm happy to drive the extra distance to get there rather than settling for something closer to home. My Yorkies always come home happy and looking their best, and I love that the groomers remember everything about my dogs (even a month after my first visit) and are candid with suggestions. I definitely feel like my little ones are in good hands! Highly recommended!"
- Kevin Springer with Harry & Mika

"The groomers at A DOG'S LIFE are the best and the way they work with your dog's specific grooming challenges, I just can't say enough. In addition to the experienced grooming staff another great thing about the grooming services offered by A DOG'S LIFE is the added bonus of convenience. To be able to drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day all cleaned up, groomed and looking beautiful (or handsome in our dogs case) is just one more reason we recommend A DOG'S LIFE to all our dog owner friends."
- Andrea Mallick with Aspen