A DOG'S LIFE'S operations have incorporated advice given from best selling author and world-renowned dog behaviorist, Jean Donaldson, who contributed to our day to day business operations to ensure that the finest practices were established from our first day.

We have set the standard for daycare by making your dog's physical, social and mental well-being and stimulation our top priority. Our goal is simple: to provide the safest and most loving care for your dogs and award-winning service to our clients. Our comprehensive programs were designed to help you for the life of your dog.

Our highly selective clients consistently choose us as the top provider of daycare, training, grooming and boarding in the South Bay and Peninsula, year after year.


  • Friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff all receive extensive on-going training and are required to become Certified Pet Care Technicians through The Pet Care Services Association (PCSA)

  • We use only positive reinforcement methods to work with your dogs, and incorporate the use of food, toys, play and attention as rewards for good behavior
  • Our staff takes the time to get to know each of the dogs in our care. We're your dog's family away from home!
  • Dogs are supervised in playgroups 100% of the time

  • Dogs are grouped by size and temperament to ensure the right playgroup for each dog!

  • We keep our ratios small (one Playgroup Leader to every 15-17 dogs) in order to provide your dog with plenty of personal attention and friends to play with!

  • All dogs that join us for daycare or private slumber parties have been evaluated to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests

  • Dogs have access to balls and bones to play with during the day


  • We are a convenient, one-stop-shop for “best in breed” services including daycare, boarding, training, and grooming, each of which incorporate ADL’s philosophy

  • We teach and reinforce basic commands such as sit, down, name recognition and recall to all of your dogs on an ongoing basis

  • Don’t be surprised if your pooch comes home with a new trick under his or her collar like spin, shake or play dead!

  • We give daily, honest feedback on how your dog did during the day

  • We keep extensive notes on your dog’s activities at daycare including attendance, baseline behaviors, and play styles. We track these observations to be sure that each dog continues to have positive experiences at ADL.


  • Indoor and outdoor play areas

  • Webcams - Get mobile phone access!

  • All indoor areas have rubber flooring to give dogs better traction while playing and to reduce stress on joints

  • Comfy cots are always available in our play areas for any dogs who want to take a break up off the floor

  • Kiddie pools for the dogs to play in!

  • Play structures for the dogs to climb on

  • Calming music to help create a relaxed atmosphere